Supporting New Mums with a Post-Pregnancy Assessment

Are you 6-12 weeks post-pregnancy? If so, a post-pregnancy assessment conducted by an expert physiotherapists and osteopaths can be a real lifesaver in the early few days and weeks following childbirth, especially in moments of pain and dysfunction but even for those Mums who had an uncomplicated recovery period. 

Start to feel yourself again, regain your strength and avoid long term issues.

Treatment for women’s health can be built into your post-natal recovery plan. Specifically, a post-pregnancy assessment can highlight any areas you may need to address to prevent long term pain or dysfunction. It can also help to guide you safely back to pre-pregnancy exercise and fitness levels over a suitable period.  

The consultation is entirely individual for you and may include an exam of your pelvic floor, pelvis, sacroiliac joint & lumbar spine, abdominals & scar tissue.

Located conveniently in Wimbledon Village, our clinic is an ideal haven for busy mums. We're accustomed to having little ones around, and our facilities are equipped with baby-changing amenities to ensure a stress-free visit.

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Regain Normal Function Post-Pregnancy

Regardless of the type of delivery you had, your body can feel sore and painful. A specialist can assist with c-section pain and swelling and scar tissue management to prevent adhesions or pain as your surgery site recovers.

For Mums birthing vaginally, bruising or stitches are very common. Treatment for these issues can help you sit and walk, function much more comfortably, and return to sexual activity without discomfort.

Other reasons to see a women's health specialist in the early post-natal period include musculoskeletal problems such as pelvic pain (difficulty walking, going upstairs or standing on one leg), back pain or neck pain.

These types of pain can be debilitating and affect your ability to care for your baby effectively. Although it can be an effort to make an appointment, Mums usually feel better after 1 or 2 visits.

The sooner you address these types of pain, the better. Sometimes musculoskeletal pain can result from instability and stretchiness after pregnancy. In particular, a gap in the abdominal muscles can cause poor postures and extra loading on your back.

Starting the appropriate exercises and wearing a support can assist in the recovery of your abdominal muscles and is most effective when started in the first few weeks post-birth.

Restore Natural Function

Vital for restoring the natural function of the pelvis and reducing further injury, the assessment includes a thorough evaluation of all issues related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Holistic Approach to Healing

Assessing the entire body, including your posture, breathing, stomach, and pelvic floor, the therapist will provide insights into what is happening to your body & identify areas that need support.

Restore Natural Function

From incontinence to prolapse, a post-pregnancy MOT will screen for any serious cause for concern and can help get things back on track with advice and home management strategies.

Safe Return to Activities

Our women’s health expert will help you in planning a safe return to physical activities, and address any existing bladder or bowel dysfunctions as well as postural and muscular pain.

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Nordic Balance works with all major UK Health Insurance companies including Bupa, AXA-PPP, Aviva, Allianz, Cigna, WPA, EMR and more. If you would like to receive treatment through your health insurance, please get in touch first.

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